March 28, 2013
After a first series of meetings, which took place last October in the presence of experienced Italian observers, ARTLANDS has a new series of appointments coming up to observe and comment the experiments carried out by biologist Carlo Scoccianti in the Florentine Plains. ARTLANDS Tour #2 will take place from April 5 until May 31, 2013: a program of conferences (at the Pecci Center for Contemporary Arts in Prato) and walks (at some of the sites designed by Carlo Scoccianti) which will provide knowledge and insights into the new landscapes proposed for the Florentine Plains. Readings and interpretations that contribute to the understanding of this Tuscan experience while comparing it with initiatives underway in other regions of the planet are expected from Pedro Gadanho (Curator of Contemporary Architecture at The Museum of Modern Art in New York), Beatrice Galilee (curator of the Lisbon Architecture Triennale of 2013), Richard Ingersoll (architectural historian), Sébastien Marot (philosopher and critic in landscape design), Aaron Betsky (director of the 2010 Venice Architecture Biennale and current director at the Cincinnati Art Museum). Promoted by the WWFARTLANDS is made in collaboration with the  Region of Tuscany, the Province of Florence, the Municipalities of Campi Bisenzio and Lastra a Signa, the University of Florence, the Pecci Center for Contemporary Arts in Prato, the Consorzio di Bonifica Ombrone Pistoiese - Bisenzio, the Consorzio di Bonifica della Toscana Centrale, the Consorzio di Bonifica Area Fiorentina, Quadrifoglio, L’Isola dei Renai, Publiacqua. It is organized by Image.