"HAUNTED HOUSES": video screening at the MAXXI museum in Rome, Italy.

September 18, 2014
On Wednesday September 24 Image will be at the MAXXI museum in Rome with a program of architecture video screenings titled "HAUNTED HOUSES. 10 videos on houses in search for the spirit of architecture". Ever since architects have become familiar with video as a tool, their way of observing and describing residential spaces opened up to a new awareness.

The gaze of the video authors chosen for this original program searches for new symbolic implications and fresh narrations: from Pablo Curto to Luis Urculo, from FR-EE Fernando Romero Enterprise to Imagen Subliminal, Gabriel Kogan, Pedro Kok, Paul Nicholls - Factory Fifteen, Andrés Jaque / Office for Political Innovation, 11h45, Pablo Casals Aguirre. "HAUNTED HOUSES" shows how architects today are using video to depict behaviors, to unravel paths that may stimulate imagination, to consecrate the spaces they designed to communication and to history. The video program is scheduled to be screened on Wednesday September 20 at 8 pm at the MAXXI museum in Rome, Italy and will be associated with a conversation between Marco Brizzi, Image director, Trixie Zitkowsky, set designer, and Luca Galofaro, architect.