In South Korea, to refine the agenda for the Seoul Architecture Biennale.

October 23, 2015
Marco Brizzi, director at Image and editor-in-chief at The Architecture Player, is in Seoul, South Korea, invited by Young Joon Kim and Alejandro Zaera-Polo to participate in a series of meetings aimed at refining the agenda and the topics for the Seoul Architecture Biennale, scheduled to open in 2017. Several items are being discussed, also on the occasion of a two-day symposium that sees the participation, among others, of Aaron Betsky, Beatriz Colomina, Joseph Grima, Francisco Sanin, Saskia Sassen, and Mark Wigley.

An exhibition"RE : CITY. VIDEO STORIES ON THE ARCHITECTURE TO COME"conceived by Image and made in collaboration with The Architecture Player, offers additional elements for discussion and reflection. 

RE : CITY has been conceived as an interlocutory device aiming at investigating how architecture visions are expressed by architects, in video. Projects are offered as a 40 years long journey through the most diverse and speculative explorations of the future living environment, ranging in scale from the Planet, the Megacity, the City, all the way to the Building and the Apartment.  From early architecture films by Superstudio to the most recent videos by BIG, through other great visions by some of the greatest architectural offices of our times.

All exhibited works are part of the Architecture Player project www.architectureplayer.com

Among the short films' authors, we con mention: Superstudio, MVRDV, FR-EE Fernando Romero Enterprise, Squint/Opera, John Szot, ArtefactoryLab, Taller de Casquería, Jordi Bernadó, 15-L. Films, MIR, Andrés Jaque/Office for Political Innovation, UNStudio,  Imagen Subliminal, Gabriel Kogan, Pedro Kok, Yung Ho Chang.