Marco Brizzi will participate in "ABUNDANCE" at the Alvar Aalto Café in Finland.

July 18, 2014
Marco Brizzi, director at Image, will participate in "ABUNDANCE" at the International Alvar Aalto Café in Jyväskylä, Finland on Saturday August 30, 2014. "ABUNDANCE" consists in a series of conversations about the expectations of humane architecture. 

"The future is about humanising architecture and design. It is about building communities of designers and storytellers, builders and makers. It is a matter of putting the user and the resident in control. The future is about bottom-up rather than top-down. It is about engaging, empowering, enabling, empathising and emancipating. It is about networking and partnering – sharing and learning. Above all, the future is human to human. It is innovative, inspiring, interactive and inclusive. It is not only for the self – we expect the architecture and design of the future to also create social value. It is not about buildings and products – it is all about people."

Scholars and architects will lecture, hosted by Anne Stenros, Director of Kone Oy and Chair of the Café: Marco Brizzi (Image), Luisa Collina (Cumulus, Politecnico di Milano), Klaas Hofman (MVRDV), Sanford Kwinter (Harvard University), Rachel Smith (Guggenheim Lab) and Esa Vesmanen (Pure Design).