TRIGGERING REALITY. New conditions for art and architecture in the Netherlands.

December 07, 2012
In the exhibition TRIGGERING REALITY. New conditions for art and architecture in the Netherlands (Pecci Center for Contemporary Arts, Prato, Italy. December 16 2012 - March 10, 2013) the reality of space is questioned, investigated, reproduced, represented and criticized by artists and architects that have long searched to redefine themselves and their role in society. In an encounter between established identity and new generations of designers, the protagonists of the exhibition discuss the overlaps that exists between architectural and artistic research. The exhibition features works byAtelier Van Lieshout, Boundary Unlimited, DUS architects, Haas & Hahn, Nicoline Van Harskamp, Anne Holtrop / Bas Princen, Wouter Klein Velderman, Krijn de Koning, NIO Architects, ONIX. Curated by Giampiero Sanguigni with the collaboration of Marco Brizzi, the exhibition is promoted by the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Rome, under the patronage of the Region of Tuscany and of the Municipality Prato, organized by the Pecci Center and by Image, supported by the Netherlands Architecture Fund, the Mondriaan Fund and the Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Prato.