Image participates in ARQUITETURAS Film Festival in Lisbon, Portugal.

September 16, 2015
Image and The Architecture Player will be in Lisbon, Portugal to participate in ARQUITETURAS Film Festival with a program of architecture videos selected from our archive. ARQUITETURAS consists in four days of screenings and talks to explore connections between architecture and the moving image.

Image has been following the evolution of this phenomenon, collecting and selecting the most convincing videos made by architects or by authors directly involved by the designers, since 1997, when Marco Brizzi started the BEYOND MEDIA festival in Florence, Italy. The festival launched an intense and methodical search for original contents to be shared in a series of venues to trigger discussions with experts in various fields, involving wide audiences.

This event is part of the Architecture Player Public Session, a program developed by Image to increase interaction between architecture and the public.

IaN+. Hospital of the Sea, Naples, Italy.

August 31, 2015
The new Hospital of the Sea in Naples, designed by IaN+ (Carmelo Baglivo, Luca Galofaro, Stefania Manna), was recently opened in March 2015. A new public square joins the city to the hospital accompanying people inside a building which distributes the access and service functions around a bright entrance hall split over three levels. Colored light invades the large hall where the space seems to widen and deform, expanding the horizontal plane along paths that diagonally cross the surfaces of the two underground floors.

Image MEDIA AGENCY, in charge of communication for this recent project, is ready to provide materials on it to interested journalists. Please visit www.image-web.org/press_area/projects or contact us at press@image-web.org to receive the full press kit.

Image participates in IN\VISIBLECITIES urban multimedia festival in Gorizia, Italy.

May 26, 2015
On Wednesday June 3, Image and The Architecture Player will be in Gorizia, Italy to participate in the IN\VISIBLECITIES urban multimedia festival with a program of architecture videos selected from our archive. In\Visiblecities consists in five days of workshops, installations, live performances and shows that will involve artists from all around Europe to explore connections between visible and invisible cities through art and multimedia languages. 

Following the main theme of In\Visiblecities, the Architecture Player curated a selection of architecture videos offering the audience a chance to reflect on public space and the way it can be perceived. The chosen short films show examples in a variety of places all over the world, where people take advantage from public space by confidently using its structures, independently from them to be permanent or temporary ones. This screening is an occasion to observe emerging sensitivities that emerge when a community and designed spaces interact.

This event is part of the Architecture Player Public Session, a program developed by Image to increase interaction between architecture and the public.

"Towards a Center for Architecture": a conversation with Marco Brizzi at the Palazzina Reale.

April 25, 2015
On Saturday April 25, at the Palazzina Reale of Santa Maria Novella railway station in Florence, Marco Brizzi curated a forum titled "Towards a Center for Architecture", a conversation with Andrea Aleardi, Fabrizio Arrigoni, Vaia Balekis, Valerio Barberis, Pino Brugellis, Fabio Cavallucci, Leonardo Chiesi, Michele Dantini, Paolo Pinarelli, Angelika Stepken, Gianpiero Venturini.

How can we describe a city in transformation today? How can we describe architecture by highlighting, in the eyes of citizens and architects, the deep reasons for a project to exist and its needs, in a world so rapidly changing? How can these necessities deal with the historical city, in Florence especially, in order to accommodate emerging needs and visions?

"What's the architecture for tomorrow?" With Philippe Rahm.

April 12, 2015
On Wednesday April 15 Marco Brizzi, Image director, will be at the Pecci Center for Contemporary Arts in Prato, Italy for a conversation with Philippe Rahm, part of the event series titled "CAMBIAMENTI / CHANGES", aimed at exploring the social, political and economic revolutions the world is facing today, small or big as they may be.

How much does climate influence design and the architectural language? Has climate change altered our habits? Is it affecting architecture and redesigning our dwellings? What role do new technologies play in redefining space on the basis of primary biological needs? And, following the principles of meteorological architecture, we should probably ask ourselves "What's the architecture for tomorrow?" Philippe Rahm will offer his original outlook on architecture and on the impact that climate change has on the transformation of our cities.