Marco Brizzi will participate in "ABUNDANCE" at the Alvar Aalto Café in Finland.

July 18, 2014
Marco Brizzi, director at Image, will participate in "ABUNDANCE" at the International Alvar Aalto Café in Jyväskylä, Finland on Saturday August 30, 2014. "ABUNDANCE" consists in a series of conversations about the expectations of humane architecture. 

"The future is about humanising architecture and design. It is about building communities of designers and storytellers, builders and makers. It is a matter of putting the user and the resident in control. The future is about bottom-up rather than top-down. It is about engaging, empowering, enabling, empathising and emancipating. It is about networking and partnering – sharing and learning. Above all, the future is human to human. It is innovative, inspiring, interactive and inclusive. It is not only for the self – we expect the architecture and design of the future to also create social value. It is not about buildings and products – it is all about people."

Scholars and architects will lecture, hosted by Anne Stenros, Director of Kone Oy and Chair of the Café: Marco Brizzi (Image), Luisa Collina (Cumulus, Politecnico di Milano), Klaas Hofman (MVRDV), Sanford Kwinter (Harvard University), Rachel Smith (Guggenheim Lab) and Esa Vesmanen (Pure Design).

The website for ANIMA, Bernard Tschumi's first project in Italy, is online!

July 01, 2014
We are happy to announce that the website we conceived and developed, together with Lcd, to present ANIMA, Bernard Tschumi's first project in Italy, is finally online! The website is meant to introduce and follow all stages of the project, from its conception to its completion and activation. An interactive timeline guides visitors through the most important milestones in the design process; specific posts will let architecture lovers discover the architect's process and his personal thoughts on this project. We asked Luis Urculo, one of the most creative visual artists who, in the past few years, have produced sober and at the same time meaningful stories on architectural topics, to introduce the concept for ANIMA through a video.

Our architecture press office, as part of an integrated communication strategy, is in charge of introducing ANIMA to the international press. We have been involved since the early phases of this project, communicated the schematic design and are now presenting the final project.

Also the related social media pages will be soon published. Stay tuned!

GREENHOUSE TALK at the Venice Biennale.

May 27, 2014
Curated by Hans Ibelings and promoted by the Embassy of the Kingdom of the Netherlands in Rome, the second edition of Greenhouse Talk consists in conversations on the future of architecture in a changing world. The event will take place in Venice, at Hotel Monaco & Grand Canal on June 5 and 6, from 9 to 11 am, during the preview of the 14th International Architecture Exhibition of the Venice Biennale.

The prestigious guests, called upon to discuss the development of architecture in an international context, will provide their contributions in the form of a conversation. They will talk about the future of the profession, in the light of the transformations that affect architectural design and its market. They will discuss the future of representation in architecture, as a consequence of the cultural, geo-political, economical confrontations that occur worldwide. Participants in the conversations are Joe Osae-Addo (Ghana), Guus Beumer (the Netherlands), Giovanna Borasi (Italy), Ole Bouman (the Netherlands), Aric Chen (Hong Kong), Pippo Ciorra (Italy), Reinier de Graaf (the Netherlands), Nanne de Ru (the Netherlands), Mauricio Pezo and Sofia von Ellrichshausen (Chile), Bijoy Jian (India), Michelle Provoost (the Netherlands), Daan Roosegaarde (the Netherlands), Ma Yansong (China), Cino Zucchi (Italy).

“Hic Sunt Leones”, a new film directed by Jordi Bernardó.

May 05, 2014
We are happy to present “Hic Sunt Leones”, a new film directed by Jordi Bernardó, where a new work of architecture is both the object of uncommon observations and the source for subverting narratives about space, has been just released. This short fiction is produced by 15-L. Films and set in the new Mas d’Enric Penitentiary, designed by AiB arquitectes and Estudi PSP Arquitectura and built in El Catllar (Catalonia, Spain). Final activation of the penitentiary is planned for the end of 2014. A new book, “CRITICAL PRISON DESIGN”, has been also published in April 2014 by Actar, authored by architect Roger Paez (principal at AiB arquitectes).

"COMUNICARE ARCHITETTURA" symposium at the MAXXI Museum in Rome.

February 16, 2014
Marco Brizzi, director at Image, will participate in "COMUNICARE ARCHITETTURA" symposium at the MAXXI Museum in Rome, Italy, on Thursday February 20, 2013. "Can architecture be a means of communication? How can its social significance be communicated to the general public?" These are some of the questions that Margherita Guccione, Director for Architecture at the MAXXI, will ask to the invited observers and scholars: Francine Fort, director at arc en rêve centre d'architecture; Kathy Macewen, coordinator for the Cabe program at the Design Council in London; Adri Duinvensteijn, senator in the Netherlands and former councillor at the Municipality of Almere; Pippo Ciorra, senior curator for Architecture at the MAXXI; Stefano Boeri, architect, professor and politician; Nicola Di Battista, director at Domus magazine; Roberto Pisoni, director at Sky Arte; Simone Rots, Crimson Architecture Historians; Ruedi Baur, graphic designer; Victoria Thorton, director at Open House; Ellen Van Loon, partner at OMA. Marco Brizzi will join the conference in a special talk with Jules Coke, from squint/opera. "Learning from videos" will be the topic of their conversation.